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Starting Over


In October of 2011 I ran my third marathon in as many years. Unfortunately it was my slowest, although I did finish. After the race I felt tremendous burn out. I know this happens to many runners. The joy of running for me was setting the goals and reaching them, the ultimate was finishing the marathon. I am very proud of the accomplishments, but I made a decision to "take a break" through the holidays...

That was a mistake! So like everyone else in the world I started my workout/running today--the second day of the year. So what did I learn? How unbelievably fast you can lose what you have gained. Today I said to myself I would just take it easy and run for 30 minutes. That 30 minutes seemed to knock me on my ass worse then the marathon! It literally felt like starting over.

So I reset my goal. Start over and set a goal of running more days but less mileage. Use time instead of mileage. 30 minutes 4 days a week with a 60 minute run on Sundays. Switching my goals to time might just be the motivation I need to get me going again. The hope is to do more mileage inside the same time frame. I have always been on the slow side so maybe this will help.

Here is to 2012!

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