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2011 So far


Well this year has been a bit of a slow start. Finding the motivation to push myself further has been quite difficult. Currently my work schedule has left me with little time. I am very grateful to be working in this economy and I absolutely love being in the creative field. Deadlines for clients have been dramatic to say the least. In addition to my day job I also teach design at a local Art College (College for Creative Studies). Two nights a week, working with some very talented group of kids. It seems I have been giving a lot of  time to others — while not paying attention to mine.

Not all has been lost, a few weeks ago I did run the Martian Half marathon sponsored by Running fit here in the Detroit area. It went pretty well with a finish time of 2:04. Waiting for the weather to finally break should get me back up to speed. Today I completed a six mile run and the sun quickly followed. Hopefully I will get renewed sense of urgency and begin to update the blog as well as get my butt in gear and hit the pavement. If anyone is still out there reading this — it would be great to get a topic from you. Sign in and contribute!

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