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Series 3:59:59 The Night Before



So, its the night before the race (the Detroit Marathon) and everything goes through the mind. Did I train enough? Did I rest enough?

The journey is reaching the end and all the training should payoff tomorrow. The idea of finishing with a time of 3:59:59 still entrenched in my brain. 16 weeks of disciplined training. Leading up the wait the night before.

I know many of the readers here will also have many questions about themselves the night before as they go to bed. To all of you, relax and enjoy.

Here are a few questions I ask myself on race night that may help you:

  1. Is my number pinned to my shirt?
  2. Are all my clothes ready for when I wake up?
  3. Did I get my shoes ready (add my timing ribbon)
  4. Do I have my hat?
  6. Are my songs synced on my iPod?
  7. Do I have my "throw-a-way clothes"?
  8. Did I pack all my "fuel" (gatorade and gels)?
  9. Is there gas in my car?
  10. Can I get to sleep?
  11. (bonus, did I write the blog entry?)

Number Ten is the toughest for me. Much like the night before starting school, your mind runs it's own marathon in bed and it is tough to sleep. So two nights before the race, I hit the mattress early. That seems to help.

It has been really inspiring writing this blog as I trained for this Marathon. I have become just as passionate for this blog as I have been about running. I have met many people via social networks and even had a few friends take up running this year. So needless to say it has been great.

It's not over yet, and neither is this blog. The last item I am packing will be my Flip camera to document the race. Look for it soon! Also I will post my time as soon as I can tomorrow, no matter what it is.

Run on...