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Review: Runkeeper



Once in a while I get excited about geeky things, like when Return of the Jedi came out when I was 13 or when I got my Atari 800xl computer. This is how I feel after using the Runkeeper App. Although I still use  the Nike+Wrist band experience, I have now pushed through to the next level. That level is Runkeeper the running tracking App that works on both iPhone and Android smart phones.

RunKeeper uses your phone's GPS to track your fitness activities. Get your distance, time, pace/speed, how many calories you burn, and your path traveled on a map. All to track, measure, and improve your fitness. The beauty of this app is it's simplicity and excellent user interface that allows you to run while it keeps track. Best of all the App is FREE!

Personally I have an Android phone (the Droid 2) and for the most part have been made to feel "inferior" to the iPhone, well this app is available on both platforms, but works exceptionally well for me on Android. It gives real time feedback of your run, uses Google maps and GPS to record your route with elevation. All of this information is sent directly to your profile.

One of the best features is the integration of your information on the web at your account with You can set up your own profile (feel free to view mine at and connect with other runners. You can share accomplishments on Facebook, Twitter and now Foursquare in which you can unlock achievements as you go. For premium subscribers you can allow others to watch your progress in real time as you run your race!

Another plus is you do not need any other equipment, no pod for the shoe or device to hook up. Now to be fair Nike+ has just released their app on iTunes, however I can not test that because it is only iPhone compatible. Adidas also has an app and I am sure other shoe companies will too. Runkeeper can also keep track of biking, hiking, skateboarding and walking. As this app upgrades over time, this runner will keep using it.

Do yourself a favor, if you have a smartphone download this app now!

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