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Running with your kids


Running doesn't always have to be a solo gig. Nor even run with another runner. Sometimes you can incorporate it with some good ole time with your kids. Today my son and I tried something new.

When you are in the middle of a training cycle (like me training for the marathon) you can really start to feel a little selfish with your time. As well we all deserve some time to ourselves and running certainly fulfills this time. But sometimes you can incorporate your training with some quality time with your kids.

Today I was scheduled a six mile run, but instead of taking off on my run I asked my ten year old son if he would like to follow me with his bike. I posed it as a challenge, "bet you can't ride six miles!" With a grin he said "your on!"

With our journey begun, it wasn't long before conversation started. Little things like asking if he was excited to start 5th grade, or him telling me about a video game that he is playing. The words really didn't matter -- we were out there moving and sweating. Instead of sitting at the computer playing on a sunny afternoon, he was outside riding. Activity!

I have to say that it was one of the best runs I have ever had --even though my "time" was crap. The better part was he had a great time, especially when the rain hit! A quick rain fall swept by us for about ten minutes, all part of the adventure. With mile six behind us, me covered with sweat and he covered in smiles, asked me for a high five and if we could do it again. So now my second training run of the week will have a bike chasing me!