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Will Run for Food


From time to time I feel it is my duty to point you to information from people that are experts in their field. For this post I am going to speak about nutrition. I am a big believer of what I call "garbage in, garbage out". The food you eat is the fuel you use.

On Sunday, during my long run, I listened to a podcast that interviewed Ben Greenfield. Ben is recognized as one of the top fitness, triathlon, nutrition and metabolism experts in the nation. Ben gave great advice to the kinds of food a runner should eat.

What struck me the most was a comment he made, "the best food has no labels". What a fantastic way of thinking! Simple. An apple doesn't have a content label, neither does lettuce etc. Ben advises to shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Which, if you picture your grocery store, makes sense. Most of the fresh items are on the perimeter.

Ben is versed in physiology and body metabolism. He really made me think about what goes into my body. As an average runner, with a family,  job and training schedule, I find it hard to really plan for my meals.  Typically I buy a leading brand's "lean" frozen food lunch (taste great really) but there are so many chemicals and preservatives in these foods and each and every one can effect you differently. At the end of the day I am thinking more about what to eat.

Also in the podcast Ben speaks of what foods to eat when. Pre, during and post run. Getting the most out of your nutrition and body. Do yourself a favor and check out the interview by clicking here.

Who needs labels anyway?