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Series 3:59:59 Ch2-Snowball


Sometimes the hardest part of training is starting. In Chapter One I talked about committing to the race, paying and telling friends and family that you are going to run a race. The next step....running.

If you are anything like me (the average runner) than you are a creature of habit. You get used to what you do and that grows everyday.  It is what I call "the Snowball Effect".  The real trick is to start a "new" snowball. The only way to do that is throw on your shoes and get out there.

So begins week 1 and 2. It has been quite a difficult couple of weeks, the heat here in Michigan has been in the steady 90's. Many summer activities with family and work. Plus my long run for week 2 hasn't happened yet!

Finding the time to run can be difficult at this stage. With the heat, it is either very early or close to dusk. But it is at this stage where your discipline is key. We are starting new "snowballs", molding the perfect little sphere upon which a foundation can be built for growth.

If you commit now, it will be much easier to commit later. Much like Mr. Newtons first law "Every object in a state of uniform motion or rest tends to remain in that state of motion or rest unless an external force is applied to it." We must be that external force. The first two weeks are that external force, once that begins inertia will take over.

I feel proud of myself to just begin this training, to take the steps necessary to get me closer to the marathon. Trust me you will feel proud of yourself after these 2 first weeks. This feeling of accomplishment is well earned and can be a strong catalyst as this journey begins.

So get that "snowball" started. If you would like, tell your experience with the first 2 weeks, post your comments below.