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In The Heat of the Run


Heat As the 4th of July hits, the heat hits harder. This can be some of the hardest times for a runner of the average kind like us. I am not going to get technical here and talk about the effects of heat and yadda yadda yadda. Runners World will have that covered and much better than I could.

What I will share here is the emotional side where doubt kicks in. The heat can tear you down very quickly. Your pace drops, your time drops (if you monitor it) and your motivation can drop. Fear not there are ways around this.

The heat can and will zap motivation, but it can also do the opposite and change up your routine to make things more interesting.  Running is supposed to be enjoyable for you so don't run at the hottest point of the day. The time of your run should change and believe me this is a great thing.

I learned this the hard way last year. While training for the Detroit marathon. I pushed myself as much as possible and on a day that peaked at 96 degrees -- I paid for it. According to my training schedule I needed to run 18 miles. At mile 14 around 12 noon I felt extremely dizzy almost drunk like. I walked and ran the last four miles. Dumb!

I made it home, took a cold shower and "rested" the remainder of the day. Rested in quotes because I felt awful. On and off fevers, headaches and nausea. I was dangerously close to a heat stroke. Remember running is fun!

Never again will I put myself in that position, so in the hot days I have shifted my time to very early 6-7am or even more fun 9-10pm. I have never run that late until after that day. This is what I mean by the heat changing your routine. In fact a 10p-11pm 6 mile run can be one of the best times for a runner.

You will be surprised how breaking the routine can re-energize your running. So this Summer run under the Moon, it's much cooler...