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5 Tips for Vacation Running


vacation At some point in the summer it becomes inevitable -- vacation. Which, by the way, is fantastic. A time to get away from the day to day of work, stress etc. At the same time I still want to train. Remember that "snowball" thing I talked about?

I am a pattern person, if I deviate the pattern I may begin a new one or worse yet mess up the one I have.  Vacation is a common thing that upsets the pattern and can melt the "snowball" you started.  Here are 5 ways that may help.

  1. Get up early. This is probably the easiest/hardest thing to do. But if you need to get your long run in during vacation time. This is your best chance. I will bet the others that you are with will sleep in longer than they are used to, so in order to spend time with them you may have to suck it up and go early.
  2. Higher intensity lower time. Running harder over a shorter period of time can help build your cardio for longer runs. Instead of a 30 minute run do 20 minutes at a decided faster rate.
  3. Meet-up race. Plan a run around your family. Pick a spot to meet at, pack the car with a change of clothes and have the family drive to a predetermined destination. Leave before them and see if you can meet them at the same time. This gives you a race mentality and fun thing to do as the kids pass you in the car on the way to the beach...
  4. Interval Photos. Document your run with photography. Take a path, sidewalk or trail and give yourself 30 minutes to run and take pictures. Utilize the idea of interval training. Run as hard as you can for 5 minutes, stop take a few pictures walk for 1 minute, then repeat. (I will be doing this in the coming week on my camping trip to Cumberland falls and will post the pics here).
  5. Run while swimming. Here is fun one, while you are swimming with kids, friends etc. Try running in the water for 20 minutes. The weightlessness plus resistance can really help you develop muscles that may not be used otherwise.

Of course vacation is still about rest, relaxation and fun. Remember your body needs to heal as well. It takes about 3 weeks to really lose what you have built up, so take the time to rest and relax -- your body deserves it.