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Series 3:59:59 Chapter 1


Chapter 1

This is what you might call the beginning. I say "might" because deciding to run a marathon can start in many ways. From the first moment you stepped out on the road, after you just completed your first half marathon or any other of the possible reasons. Nevertheless, here begins the's journey to the Detroit Marathon.

My beginning for this marathon is now. What do I mean by this? Well the first step for me is commitment. That commitment is actually signing up and paying. Paying for it puts me in that mind set of "do not waste". So I paid, sixteen weeks out which is a typical training time for a Marathon. Decision made.

Yes I said I would run it again this year, but this time (my second marathon ever) I put a number to the finish. 3:59:59.  This number is just a goal, a hope to finish better than last year (4:14:32). That four hour barrier. This seems to be a milestone that many an average runner shares. I am hoping to share this journey with all of the readers from now until the race and post race. I will record my experience of training, thoughts, successes, failures and other things that may come to mind.

Not every blog post from now until the race will be about the marathon. Just look for the title Series 3:59:59. In the next couple days I will post my training calendar on a separate page. This will give you an idea of what an average training schedule for a marathon looks like.

Now its time for your beginning, so go pay and lets do this.