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Motivation by running with others

Joseph Becker

Most of the time a runner runs alone. by running alone you tend to become engrossed in your own life and challenges. Today, for a 12 miler, this runner ran with a friend and discovered a new motivation--someone next you towing the line. Conversation and learning was the highlight of the run. Trading training thoughts and regimens. Comparing the way we both became runners and strikingly it was similar. For instance as we began our running career it seemed the 3 mile mark was the turning point. Once we both achieved  the 3mile run we both felt that we could call ourselves "runners". We talked about how each goal we set for ourselves seemed unattainable at the time, was inevitably reached. Allowing ourselves to look back at our achievements really gave us the confidence to set new goals and push ourselves further.

Races always seem like the opportunities to measure your progress. The person I ran with was training for a half marathon in Lake Placid next weekend, a good way to test your meddle. It felt good to help motivate his run. He is definitely ready for his race, with this challenge ahead of him I know he will think about the full marathon about a week later!

With that said, the best part of this run was the fantastic omelette  that we devoured at the local breakfast joint. A well earned reward for a 12 mile run. Especially since he pushed me the last half mile at a pace I am not really used too! We plan on meeting once a month with a breakfast finish, hopefully we can bring others in on the same day. A great way to get us to look forward to a different running experiment.

Ultimately that is what this Blog is about. Reaching out to average runners and hopefully becoming part of your run. Thanks for reading and please pass it along to motivate others.