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Health in the Workplace

Chris Freitag

This post isn't so much running-related as it is health-related. The company myself, and the Average Running Joe himself, work for recently started a friendly step competition. Its called 'Walk This Way'. Each person that signs up is issued a pedometer of their own to count their steps. Employees are encouraged to form teams. The norm is teams of four. Some teams have more members, some teams have less. Teams check in every two weeks  with their totals. Small incremental prizes are given at each check in period. With a grand prize at the end of the period, 4 months later. The goal is to get everyone moving more. Simple concept.

This kind of activity in a largish company such as ours is a great thing. In addition to getting people off the couch, it creates a great atmosphere of teamwork and light-hearted trash talk. Steps are also measured at all times, not just during business hours, so perhaps participants will continue the good habits after the competition is over making everyone  healthier, happier and ultimately more productive. This also helps the team that Average Joe and I formed. Three of us are avid runners and one is an avid cyclist, so our team is probably more active than most.

This program among other things my employer does really creates a healthy atmosphere. What part does your employer play in the physical well being of its employees?

By Chris.