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Bad Day Running?

Joseph Becker

Every now and then you get those days... the days where you just don't feel as strong running as you usually do. Today I had a run just like that. I couldn't breath right, couldn't get a good pace and just felt like I had nothing to give.  There are two ways to look at this if your a runner. The first is to say "I am taking a step backwards in my training". I believe that most average runners feel this way. It is easy to think that way, however there is a better way to think about it.

The second way is to say "I made it through a bad run today". Running through a bad run, in my opinion, is a  key to training effectively. Bad things can happen during a Marathon (if this is what your training for as I am) or even a 5k. There are times when you are just gassed, and you want to stop. Stopping is not an option I am willing to choose when I am in a race. And it is certainly not a choice to make in training. (Let me say that I am not talking about pain or injury, by all means getting hurt is not an option as well. We do this for fun and health.) If you can mentally pull yourself through that tired/weak feeling than you are building a mental toughness that will carry through any running situation. The mind is the most important component to running. Think about training your mind as you are training your body.

So upon completion of the "bad run"--say to yourself "I made it through this run without quitting!" Believe me the mental reward is bigger than you know. So go out there and have a bad run.