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6 Million Dollar Runner at 40?

Joseph Becker

On Sunday I (avgrunningjoe) turned 40 years old. I guess I have been preparing for this for about two years now. You see two years ago I was close to 50 pounds over weight and my cholesterol  was 290!

With heart disease rampant in my family — my doctor said he was prescribing me some medication. I refused and asked for six months to change, if I failed I would go on medication. With this I began running...for 10 minutes on a treadmill. That 10 minutes started a chain reaction that has culminated with three half marathons one full marathon and finally this blog.

So why the picture of The Six Million Dollar Man? Well a couple of things. As I turn 40 I have been doing some reflecting— no way right? Anyway as a kid my favorite show was The Six Million Dollar Man, I  mean this guy could run 60 miles an hour! How's that for a pace? I wished I could run like that.

At the same time I took inspiration from this show at the age of 38. The show told the tale of a test pilot that crashed and lost parts of his body. Technology replaced these parts and put him back together — stronger, faster, and better than before.

For 38 years prior I have basically "crashed" my body. I ate horrible (but great tasting) junk food. Fast food, soda pop, and snacks where the staple. My body needed rebuilding.

At this time and place we do not yet have the technology to actually replace our limbs with Bionic improvements, which meant I had to do it the right way. Eat better and exercise. The rebuild process started slow but I kept going. Like Mr. Steve Austin I did have some technological help. Not Rudy per se, but the internet, the Nike Plus system (see prior blog) along with family and friends.

So as I write this blog, I dropped the weight, I have more energy, my cholesterol is now 140 and yes I am stronger, faster and better than I have ever been. Thank you Steve Austin. Now on to 50...