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5 Things solved while running

Joseph Becker

It is a common feeling amongst runners that you find a place in your mind while running that gives you a natural high. The repetition of running creates a rhythm or mantra as you propel forward. As you enter this Zen state your mind enters new directions and processes problems that plague you throughout the week. Running can give your a clarity the can solve many problems that come your way. Case in point this last Sunday, this phenomenon happened to me. Here, in order, is what I solved:1. Every thought of where my career is going 2. The effects of turning 40 in a month 3. How to write a fantastic song 4. Finding a way to program the next iPhone App 5. How to cap the BP oil spill

Unfortunately as I rounded mile 12 and finished my run, I basically forgot every thing I solved. Honestly, people ask "how can you run like that"? and this is the how. Running clears my mind long enough to process things that life brings. I am not saying running will really solve those things, but it certainly gives me the tools to cope until the next run.