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Why Microsoft needs Bill Gates.


Microsoft is fighting back to a competitor that was unlikely 10 years ago...Apple. The masterful job that Apple has done in the last 10 years from creating new product to capturing the music industry has put Microsoft in an interesting position. The "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads, Apple has painted the PC as a boring old computer that doesn't work and is not fun. What is interesting though is the one you actually like is the PC guy. The Apple guy is kind of a pompous ass that gives you that "I am much cooler than you could ever be" feeling. Here is the opening that Microsoft can exploit.

This brings us to the CEO's. Steve Jobs (while currently on hiatus) has propelled Apple to new areas and created the cool company with all the cool stuff, iPhone, iPod and various computers. Steve Jobs also has become that pompous ass that is now the "I'm a Mac" guy. Arrogance, as leader can breed contempt. The major problem though for Microsoft is CEO Steve Ballmer. He looks like the angry bully that beat up the geeky kid in school. This of course doesn't mean he is. He could be great, but he just doesn't represent the company well.

The only person that can really speak for Microsoft is Bill Gates. He is the "PC Guy". He is the one that people can route for. Microsoft also thinks so, they put him in ads with Jerry Seinfeld. However they didn't make sense. What it did do was create a new persona for Bill Gates. Funny, not as uptight etc. Microsoft has an opening here that has been created by the economy (PCs are cheaper, see laptop ads), timing and the love for nerds.

Bill, become that "PC" guy and speak for Microsoft again! Maybe even spoof the Apple ads with Bill as the "PC" guy, that would be fun.

Now anyone that knows me, understands my affinity for Apple, however I do love a good marketing war!

What do you think?