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Graphic Design and Cost


cost There is a common misconception that Designers are "high priced". Unfortunately in this economy many marketing teams and businesses think that cutting the designer out by purchasing templates or pre-made design will save money. Cutting a cost for the execution of creative could cost you audience and loss of revenue. Most of the time Design or Creative is seen only as "cost". When in fact it is revenue generating. look at the best brands like Apple, Nike, and Honda. All those companies put Design as a priority and is viewed as a way to generate revenue. It is not a coincedence that these are successful companies.

Hiring a Designer should be thought of as a partnership. The Designer should compliment your team and work with your Marketing team to achieve a unified goal. A Designer's expertise is to deliver your message to the intended audience. Interpreting your creative brief to maximize the potential of the overall marketing plan and generate revenue. Would you hand over an architects plan to build your house to your sisters stepson who knows how to build forts? Then why hand over your Design to the same person that "knows" Photoshop?

The market today has plenty of opportunities to buy "cheap" design. The design may "look nice". It probably is. However, is it yours? Did another company use the design as well? A good Design partner will work with you to maximize budget, time and execution. A Designers time is valuable but not necessarily expensive. So when you think you are "saving" money with purchasing some online template or logo, ask yourself this...What is the actual cost?