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It is often overheard, whether by in-house or design agency, the word "clients". Usually this is followed by some sort of sigh or moan. Really? Is it that bad? Someone hires you because they have faith enough that you will execute? Sometimes things can get frustrating, but the client is most important person for your design business. It is our job as designers to create heroes out of all of out clients. Remember they have been tasked to deliver a job, whether to a superior or to their own client/customer. We are the ones that help them deliver. We are a service industry. Always put yourself in the shoes of a client. Most of us are clients all the time. Do you like hearing a negative attitude from your server at a restaurant? Do you like being nickled and dimed by your cell phone provider? Good services is the key, go the extra mile. Hit there deadlines, all-nighters are common.

This does not mean you don't offer an opinion, after all they hired you for that. The job here is to work with your client. Help educate them on design issues. Create a relationship that is trustworthy and beneficial to both. Show them how design can help their messaging. Show them you are a true partner and not just here to be billable.

And don't forget, THANK THEM.

Without them you will be irrelevent.

So clients....I thank you!