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Thoughts about Design from all industries

2 types of Design Firms


As my experience has moved me around, I have noticed 2 types of Design Firms. Firms that only concentrate on making pretty design, getting the work done as fast as they can and charging as much as they can. The other, Firms that believe in the process of design (the VALUE that it brings) learning about your business and helping you cut through the clutter by creating a differentiation in the marketplace. Your bottom line helps theirs. Of course design is a business, but is it one that is based on time or value? The Design Firm that you choose should be your partner, not just a service. Your Design Firm should be just as passionate about your success as they are their own. It should be a relationship that you should feel good about. There are Design Firms that will squeeze every cent from you if they can. Are they really in it for your well being or just theirs? Are they a true partner? A good Design Firm helps you assess your opportunities and connects you to new tools that move your business forward, effectively manages your budgets, all the while helping you build real brand value.

You shouldn't feel like your talking to a used car salesman in nice suit and slick hair ready to sell you "the next big thing"! So the next time you meet with your agency, ask yourself this. Am I getting value? Am I moving forward? or Am I just paying someone for their time, while they keep doing the same old thing?